White Paper:  Big Data Projects- Paving the path to success


The current digitization wave provides a new space for business development. In fact, the phenomenon materializes differently whether traditional or digital native players are considered:
For traditional players, it allows them to:

  • Increase functional coverage
  • Build multichannel capability
  • Enrich the customer experience
  • For digital native players, it offers capabilities to develop new business models:
  • Based on a leaner cost structure
  • Natively built around enhanced customer knowledge

Cards, sensors and smart devices, enable the collection and transmission (through GSM, ATM, RFID, etc.) of data records from daily events. So far, the technical capabilities available have not allowed processing such a variety and volume of data.
The current evolution in ICT allows businesses to store and analyze data to extract valuable insights. These have the primary objective of enhancing a company’s activities in order to provide better products and services.
There is no wonder why mobile operators are all interested in Big Data: the huge amount of data they collect from networks and IT opens the door to fascinating usages.


Detailed content

 Chapter 1 : The Challenge of Fragmented Insights
 Chapter 2 : Build or Buy?
 Chapter 3 : Why Big with Fast Data?
 Chapter 4 : ROI