White Paper: Contextual Marketing: for a sustainable differentiation in telecoms


 The emergence of mobile and digital with the tremendous success of both the smartphone and wireless broadband, dramatically changed customer behavior: subscribers expect immediacy and simplicity no matter how complex the service delivery may be.

For decades, carriers have been doing what they do best: managing an overly complex network infrastructure to ingest massive amounts of data, while providing a seamless and reliable wireless service to the end-customer.

The collection and analysis of this ocean of data that flows through the pipes, is the main ingredient for an outstanding customer experience. Of course, this is no easy task as it requires technology, experience, and reshaping of processes and models.


Detailed content

 Chapter 1 : Building a personalized experience

 Chapter 2 : From personal to contextual: enriching experience with additional dimensions

 Chapter 3 : Adapting and automating interactions all along the customer lifecycle