White Paper: Enriching IoT with Location for New Revenue Opportunities


The expansion of IoT applications across different industries opened a new door of opportunity for telecom operators; many of whom are deploying/upgrading their networks to accommodate the increase in demand for IoT use cases.
Mass-scale IoT applications are often implemented using low-power chipsets allowing the devices batteries to last for years. One of the tradeoffs to ensure the low-cost and low-power expectations for these devices is the lack of embedded GPS modules.

However, location can still play an integral role in enabling many of these use cases including fleet management, asset tracking, and telematics among many other applications.
Intersec GeoHub allows telecom operators to enhance their IoT offerings by adding the location component to the different types of IoT devices; enabling a multitude of additional use cases that translate into new revenue streams.


Detailed content

 Chapter 1 : A Unique Source of Location

  • Vendor Agnostic
  • No Pressure on the Network
  • Mass Scale
  • Battery Life Optimization

 Chapter 2 : Sub-cell Accuracy

  • Case Studies