White Paper: Location-Based Advertising

Social media natively use location, without any restriction. Yet not all people are connected to social media whereas the omnipresence of mobile phones (71% penetration rate in 2018 according to GSMA) allows marketers across the spectrum to use SMS as their #1 communication media to reach their audiences or as a complement to another media (email, app…). Discover all the tactics to get full potential of LB SMS.

“Because customers employ their mobile devices in any place, location sensitivity is a core attribute of their context and is a powerful enabler for relevant — and therefore effective — marketing.” GARTNER

Detailed content

 Chapter 1: Traditional ways to use location 

  • Geofencing
  • Geo-retargeting

 Chapter 2: Advanced location usage

  • Targeting lookalike audiences
  • Converting omnichannel customers
  • Pampering prospects and clients
  • Geocompeting 

 Chapter 3: Tools to build efficient campaigns

  • A/B Testing
  • Recommendation of fundamental elements of a campaign
  • Ability to leverage past data

 Chapter 4: Privacy issues

  • Don’t spam

  • Follow RGPD guidelines