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Coupled with profile information, and provided it is rendered anonymous, mobile customers’ geolocation data remains one of the best sources of statistics for operators and their marketing and business development teams: 

  • cost-effective: it cuts the cost of conducting traditional surveys, which rely on time-restricted questionnaires and samples;
  • precise: it circumvents the methodological biases of the aforementioned surveys, and the sample sizes are extremely large (generally more than 10% of the whole population);
  • real-time: whereas traditional geolocation players spent days converting raw data into exploitable information, today’s new solutions deliver results in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

Operators are consequently entering the Fast Data age. Alongside the volumes that Big Data brings, they are able to analyze that data in real time rather than staggered over time in “batches”.

GeoInsights is a powerful tool to leverage your data. If you want to see how it works: