White Paper: Wireless router policy enforcement


For operators, network coverage is always a key selling point; to the carrier this is referred to as POP (Percentage of Population). Users are eager to pay a few dollars more to get the best coverage wherever they live or work. Although fixed broadband at home is becoming common place in the developed world, the way to achieve it can differ depending of the country or even the specific geography of a region.

Most ISP (Internet Service Providers) are nowadays triple or quad play and have attractive offers to combine with fixed line, Cellular and IPTV at the same time. Still in rural areas the choice is often limited to one local provider for internet service at home and the associated cost to connect a few houses can be prohibitive for most ISPs to extend their customer base. 


Detailed content

 Chapter 1 : Fixed Line Vs Wireless Router

  • Policy enforcement

 Chapter 2 : Intersec technology

  • A Unique Source of Location
  • Vendor Agnostic
  • Mass Scale,Sub-cell Accuracy

 Chapter 3 : FWR Movement Detection

  • Movement detection
  • A wide range of actions